12 days of Mimi Chica and our version of the song

on the 12th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...
12 drummers in cute black dresses
11 pipers in clear raincoats

Mimi Chica tripple bow-tied dress
10 queens a leaping
Mimi Chica cream peter pan collared lace trimmed dress

9 ladies dancing

8 milk maid caramels

7 black swans twirling
Black lace shorts romper
6 geese a laying
Mimi Chica hi-low strapless dress
fiiiive rose-gold Cartier riiiings
4 calling birds on Verizon

Mimi Chica black lace tank, and grey lace top, and boho print hi-low skirt
3 napoleon with french hens
2 kissing doves
Mimi Chica navy blue wide leg halter jumpsuit
and a partridge faaaam-il-yyy

1 comment:

  1. Lol
    Cool take on the song.
    You made appropriate changes to include your own fashionable items in just the right places. It's cool that you had those pictures to go along with the new words to the song too.