Behind the Scenes from Australia

G'day Mates!

We made it safely back from Australia and had the best time you could possibly have in 8 days.  To help give you an idea of what went on here is a behind the scenes video of our Campaign photoshoot shot in "God's Country"

Locations include: Byron Bay, NimBin, Mullumbimby and all around this side of the beautiful continent.

Photographer: Jason Lee Parry
Photographer Assistant: Caleb Barton
Model: Jenny Parry
Stylist and MC Team Member: Tara Nichols

Hope you Enjoy! xo MC

Mimi Chica Adventures Australia from Mimi Chica on Vimeo.

Mimi Chica x Coachella 2012 Adventures

So, as you know Coachella is here not ONE but TWO weekends blahblahblah this is all we're hearing these days, you're probably already sick of hearing about it 
(especially if you aren't going...laaaaame) 
Many have posted on "Getting the Coachella look" so
  if ya can't beat them join 'em 
is what I say. 
 I'm going to save you some money, and you're going to look so stinkin kewl people may be pleasantly shocked at where you tell them you got 
your coachella look....
I'm a good person, I know. You can Thank me L8R, SK8R
keep it real

Model with warpaint wearing dress available at Nordstrom

model on left wearing jumpsuit available at Nordstrom layered fringe top found HERE and model on right wearing neon lace cami available HERE ruffled green short available at Nordstrom Rack

Mimi Chica cheetah skirt not out yet but same print in super cute dress at Nordstrom

cami shorts romper available at Nordstrom soon! 

outfit can be found at Nordstrom

Mimi Chica skirt on

ASK and YOU SHALL receive

If you know me, you know how much I love an Australian accent 
(and trust me that aint the only thing that I'm a sucker to when it comes to them.)  
So now you know 
2 things I loveNew York and Aussies...
Well this just means one thing--
I'm going to be in heaven for 8 days, with the most amazing friends, shooting our  next campaign. 
Pray that I find my husband there and that we blow you away with an epic photoshoot.

Byron Bay and Sydney is where we plan on shooting in Australia --and below a tease of what those places look like, our photog, our model, music vids from my favorite Aussie band I think you'll dig 
a video for comic relief who has "theee accent" if you're crazy enough to have never encountered these cool human beings

Don't be jealous though, with all the blogumenting I'll be doing over there 
it will feel like your with me in spirit ;-)
(ha check out that combo, blog and out Rachel Ray!!)

x t.



I swear this isn't me!! :-/

Mimi Chica Back-to-School market week window display

Mimi Chica Back-to-School market week window display

Our photographer Jason Lee Parry

Jason Lee Parry and Alexander Wang


Our babe of a model Jenny Parry