From where: Dallas Texas
Presently living: Venice California
Doing what: Hosting (Fuel TV, Entertainment tonight, The Insider, AT&T Universe, G4 TV, E! News now)  volunteering, traveling, reading, smiling
Favorite song: Anything- Neil Young, Man in the Mirror-Michael Jackson
Favorite movie: Pretty Woman
Favorite crush: Heath Ledger
Favorite fashion icon: Sienna Miller
Favorite color: Indigo Blue
Favorite scent: Fresh Laundry and Gardenias
Favorite Taste: Sweet and Salty combo
Favorite Music video: Crazy- Aerosmith
Favorite Live band to watch: Radiohead
Favorite song to dance to: D.A.N.C.E- Justice
Favorite Accessory: My hats and scarves 
Favorite name: Charlie, as a girls name
Favorite quote: "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment" -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Skirt or dress: long skirt
Tank or shirt: both
Flats or heels: Boots
One peice or 2 peice: Bikini!
Mint choc chip or cookie dough ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip YUM!

Nicole wears cutout ladder back dress available at Nordstrom in 4 color ways!

shirt and shorts are Mimi Chica

Nicole wears pleated cuff shorts and flowy tank available at Nordstrom and in 4 colors ways!

sleeveless romper available at Nordstrom in 2 color ways!



Lyndsy Marie Fonseca

From where:  Sunny California
Presently living:  in a suitcase 
Doing what: acting, dancing, and taking pictures of my dog. lol
Favorite song: Forgiveness by Patty Griffin
Favorite movie: La Vien Rose and A Roman Holiday
Favorite crush: Ryan Gosling!!!!!!!!!
Favorite fashion icon: Audrey Hepburn. Dian Kruger
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite scent: Chloe 
Favorite Taste: Spicy
Favorite Music video: Run the World by Beyonce

Favorite Live band to watch: Florence and the machine. And Fiona Apple
Favorite song to dance to: Beat it by MJ
Favorite Accessory: a good purse and my vintage ring
Favorite name: Olivia and Oliver 
Favorite quote: "in the eyes of mourning, the land of dreams begin" and "you made me see things I could never see alone."
Skirt or dress: dress 
Tank or shirt: shirt 
Flats or heels: ballet flats
One peice or 2 peice: 2!
Mint choc chip or cookie dough ice cream: mint chocolate!


Romper available at Nordstrom here

 Mimi Chica Tank and shorts available at Nordstrom in 4 color ways

 Mimi Chica flowy tank available at Nordstrom

 Tank with neon collar and pocket with buttons available at Nordstrom

All photos of Lyndsy Fonseca: styled, shot, edited and posted by Tara Nichols of Mimi Chica