Mia+Clare Do Disneyland. Halloween Style. In Mia Chica.

There's nothing more fun or better place than running around Disneyland with 2 adventurous 7 year olds during Halloween.  
Join the fun and live vicariously through our photos.  
The girls are wearing all Mia Chica

Happy Halloween!
xo MC

What's In Your Bag?

 What's In My Mimi Chica Bag?

bottle of People Water
(best charity water ever, feels good and tastes good)

a pack of gum
 (Wrigley's, in case a cute boy walks by)

hard candy 
(Life Savers, to add flavor to  my life)

piece of chocolate
(Ghirardelli, for instant happiness)

hand lotion 
(Jurlique hand cream & L'Occitane dry skin cream, you can never have too many options,)

eye cream
(OLEHENDRIKSEN fresh start eye creme)

(Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Coconut, really is number one)

make-up bag of necessities
(dean. leather bag, the only place to by leather accessories)


(iPhone, bunny case from Kitson LA)

phone charger

 (beats by Dr. Dre, adds some coolness to this girly steez)

(since 8th grade & DIY bejeweling, hey. ya never know)

(Mimi Chica, when do you not need a pen)

(Teen Vogue October Issue)


pair of flats
 (pictured: Dieppa Restrepo, if I've been wearing heels all day and my bag is big enough)

(Betsey Johnson Rose buds, easy day to night add-on)

dress option 2, if you're not into floral get in our polka dot print
its Fall, you're gonna need a light sweater excellent layering piece and mix printing is always in in our book

It started with a whisper

Watch this video, this artist Zaz is adorable with an incredible voice.  
She just makes you feel good.  
Enjoy a pick me up and NEW NEW NEW clothes you will LOVE available NOW 
ONLINE and IN STORE at Nordstrom!

We just want you to be happy.

xx MC

Autumn Fever

Just recently saw this band live and they were amazing.
enjoy fall inspiration, words, and this song
Now can someone help push away this Indian Summer its too hot in the City of Angels and I'm ready to get cozy...
x MC