My YEAR with Mimi Chica

It was 7 years ago when I was 18, when Michelle and I first met. I got booked to model their first Mimi Chica campaign where I don't think she and I ever stopped laughing.  Paul and Michelle are a power couple-a great team--smart, funny and the best part...
young at heart. 
It's no wonder this company does so well. I feel very fortunate and lucky to be apart of this family.
Cheers to a dream job and a one year anniversary!

Catch a cameo of the Spoleti's in our BTS video

photo from first shoot with MC, the beginning of it all...

an original vintage MC, formerly M.Brown

me & the bosslady

photoshoot prepping aka hot mess
first MC shoot styled by me which led to a full time job

On set for Seventeen Magazine shoot with lots of Mimi Chica

first NY market trip
Last years Nov market in NYC
typical office look
my main squeeze
this and the next 2 photos from first photoshoot I styled for MC

back to school 2012 campaign
Mimi Chica Skirt made it in Vogue! 
en route to Australia to shoot MC campaign

First big Mia Chica campaign photoshoot

Mia Chica

Last years company XMAS party, followed by ice skating. THE BEST
Mimi Chica dress
Head Honcho

showroom mannequins

 Julie in the background from Back to School photoshoot

Australia with model and photographer
he has to deal with a lot of women in his life, alll day errrrday