Spring Fever Mia Chica 2013

Photographer Huy Doan
Hair/Make-Up Collette Silva

Available IN-STORE & ONLINE at NORDSTROM nationwide

Love is in the Air

Whether your spending time with your friends, yourself, or a lover we've got you hooked up in the clothing department.  The rest is up to you -- below: is inspiration to get you in the mood...and some shots off the Nordstrom website, cupid hit the right spot when they paired Nordy's & Mimi Chica together...

LOVE our acid wash cropped denim vest

LOVE our leggings

LOVE our maxi dress

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LOVE our other maxi dress 

LOVE our high/low lace camisole you'll LOVE that its on SALE (thank me later :-*)

LOVE our lace & chambray peplum camisole

LOVE our last but NOT least favorite chiffon maxi dress

LOVE our high/low ruffle chiffon tank